• True Story

    Monday we were hit with 6-14″ of snow but true to our mantra, we are 24/7 and always have a driver available. We got a call at 1pm. It was Judy, a customer with an urgent need. She asked if we could pick up a visa in Manhattan by 2PM. Our mission would be to help make it possible for her boss to catch an early evening flight to Saudi Arabia to attend an important business meeting. Due to road conditions and slow moving traffic, we said it was possible but unlikely. With a hopeless sigh, she asked us to go anyway and to give it our best shot. We agreed to do just that and to give her a call back with a progress report before 2PM.

    Anxiously watching the clock, we called our driver at 1:45PM and he said that his GPS showed an ETA of 30 minutes. 30 minutes!! The visa service was closing in 15. Could it be that we would not make it?

    Immediate action was necessary. Judy, our dispatcher and our driver all called the visa service and begged the owner to wait for us. He agreed to wait but only 20 minutes and true to his word called back at 2:20PM, saying he would wait no longer. A last ditch attempt from our driver somehow got him to agree to meet in front of the building. At last, we all could breathe a sigh of relief and by 2:25PM the driver was on his way back to NJ with the visa.

    Even though the conditions were bad, the flight to Saudi Arabia was not affected. Our nervous traveler was waiting in his limo for our driver, ready to fly straight to the airport.

    Feedback from Judy after a job well done:


    I wanted to thank you again, Yesterday you and your driver SAVED MY LIFE!! Because you and the driver my boss made his flight to Saudi Arabia.

    Your driver was quick and I was so short notice, and I do apologize for that.

    My team travels 90% of the time which means I am always last minute but you and drivers make my job a bit easy for me.

    I can’t thank you enough.