• What, Where, When

    At least once a day (and that’s low-balling the estimate) Bravo receives a phone call that goes as follows.

    Bravo : Good Morning, Bravo, how may I help you?

    Potential Customer : Hi. I need a package delivered. Can you do that and how much would it be?

    Bravo : silently waits for more informatio

    PC : silently waits for a dollar amount

    Bravo : Oh ok we can deliver a package for you but in order to get you a rate I need to know from what town to what…

    PC : interrupting Yea, it’s going from *insert town name here* to *insert other town name here*.

    Bravo : Yes, we can accommodate this delivery but in order to get you a rate I need to know more information.

    I, for instance, then go on to ask all the important details about this order, while trying to not forget anything that might be pertinent to a rate. How much does this package weigh? How large is this package? Does it need to be picked up or delivered at any specific time? What day is this delivery for? Potential customers, as well as current customers, may not realize this but the rate is calculated by all sorts of factors. So simply asking for a rate with no other information is equivalent to writing a paper on an unfamiliar topic without doing any research and expecting to get an A. It just isn’t going to happen. Information is key .

    Here’s the long and short of what a potential customer needs to know when calling a courier service for a delivery they want done.

    1.) WHAT: So what is it that we are actually picking up for you and delivering elsewhere? There is a vast difference between an envelope and a skid full of cartons and here at Bravo we are equipped to handle both. But just like your fruit at the local supermarket, more weight costs more money. We want to supply you with the best, quickest, and most reliable service, so knowing what we are picking up from the get go helps in dispatching the proper vehicle. It also helps us quote you the most accurate and fair rate for the delivery.

    2.) WHERE: If you are calling for a delivery to be made (or even inquiring about if a delivery is possible) you hopefully know the name of the pickup point and the name of the delivery point. When quoting a customer a rate, Bravo really only needs the town (and state- please offer up the state if it is a town name that is common to multiple states). A zip code works nicely as well and knocks out any “state confusion”. Rates are all different based on where the delivery is going and how far the delivery is from the pickup point. Plus, we need to know where we are going in order to dispatch a driver in the most timely and efficient fashion (all about efficiency here). Chances are we can go there, as long as you can tell us where there is.

    3.) WHEN: Is this a delivery for today? Tomorrow? Next Thursday? When do you need this pickup and delivery to be completed by? Is there a time constraint of any sort? Do you need this delivery to be made ASAP or is it fine as long as it is accomplished some time today? The when of a delivery is vital, because there is a reason you are calling a courier service to handle this and at Bravo we want to provide you with the service that best satisfies your needs.

    Bravo wants to make the moving of your goods from one place to another a positive experience for the customer. By feeding us the right amount of information (we promise we don’t bite) about your specific needs we can get your deliveries handled so you can worry about other things.